Live Demos of MedCline™ at the NAMCP Fall Managed Care Forum 2015

Amenity Health will be demonstrating the MedCline positional therapy device for the treatment of nocturnal reflux at the National Association of Managed Care Physicians Fall Managed Care Forum (November 12-13, 2015).

NAMCP Fall Managed Care Forum attendees will be able to try MedCline at the Amenity Health booth (#316-318), November 12-13 in Las Vegas, NV. Live demonstrations will allow booth visitors to experience first hand how the MedCline positional therapy device comfortably creates and maintains an inclined, left-lateral sleeping position for natural nocturnal reflux relief.

Also available at the booth will be Amenity Health’s recently published clinical abstracts showing MedCline as an effective treatment for patients suffering with PPI Refractory GERD, Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) or “Silent Reflux”, Gestational GERD and relief for post-esophogectomy patients. Data showing how MedCline could potentially improve health outcomes, while reducing the costs of treating patients with acid reflux/GERD can also be discussed.