MedCline attends National Sales Meeting at Pisces Healthcare

To strengthen its partnership and increase distribution of products within the VA, the MedCline Sales Team attended the National Sales Meeting for Pisces Healthcare in Denver, CO. At the meeting, the MedCline Sales Team conducted a hands-on training session for all MedCline products with the National Sales Team for Pisces Healthcare. The purpose of the training session was to educate the Pisces’ sales team on the intended uses for MedCline products, including nighttime acid reflux and shoulder pain; clinical research to support effectiveness of products; and to allow the sales team to try the products to experience the comfort and patented sleep position first-hand.

“We were thrilled to be able to attend the National Sales Meeting with the Pisces Healthcare Team,” stated Jeanna Sanchez, Director of Sales & Marketing, Amenity Health. “Through our partnership with Pisces, we hope to make our products available to all veterans suffering with nighttime acid reflux or shoulder pain.”

Veterans can either contact MedCline at or Pisces Healthcare directly at 888-505-3627 to get MedCline through their VA Medical Benefits.