News Segments Showing MedCline™ Air Nationwide, Highlight Natural Treatment Alternative for GERD

The most recent clinical trial results for the MedCline reflux relief system (Amenity Health, Inc.) were presented at the Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate Course (ACG) in October 2014. The results showed that MedCline dramatically reduced nighttime acid reflux symptom scores by 77%, as well as showed patient improvement on all health-related quality of life measures, after 2 weeks of use.

After the Cleveland Clinic presentation of results by Dr. Scott Gabbard, news segments nationwide highlighted natural treatment options for acid reflux and heartburn, such as dietary changes, weight loss, and sleep positioning. Though Medcline is not specifically named (referred to as a GERD pillow), the news segments showed a woman using Medcline in its discussion of the benefits of sleeping at an inclined and on the left side for symptom relief. The woman shared that before sleeping on Medcline, she had experienced nighttime acid reflux symptoms four times a week but now with Medcline, she has had reflux only one night over the preceding six-week period.

Examples of the news segment can be seen at:

As a result of news segments airing nationwide, Amenity Health has received multiple calls from interested individuals showing the demand for natural treatment alternatives for GERD/acid reflux.