Top 10 Reasons You Need MedCline for Nighttime Reflux Relief

Top 10 Reasons You Need MedCline for Nighttime Reflux Relief

#10: MedCline was developed by a doctor, Carl Melcher, MD, who suffered with acid reflux his entire life. When diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus, Dr. Melcher decided to take his treatment into his own hands. Learn more

#9: MedCline addresses the many pitfalls of standard bed wedges and elevating the head of your bed. If you have tried either of these techniques without success, MedCline is truly different. Learn more

#8: Patented Cradle-Loc™ design of MedCline comfortably holds you in the most effective position for 100% natural relief allowing anatomy and gravity to work together to reduce your symptoms and limit the amount of time acid lingers in your esophagus. Learn more

#7: MedCline is designed to prevent sliding down throughout the night, which is a common complaint of wedges and elevating the head of the bed. Learn more

#6: MedCline provides 100% natural relief without the risks associated with popular anti-reflux medications. Learn more

#5: Many people who have tried everything for their nighttime reflux are finally finding relief with MedCline. Learn more

#4: MedCline is an investment in your health. Not only does MedCline prevent painful reflux episodes, this patented sleep system also helps protect you from long term damage from esophageal acid exposure. Learn more

#3: MedCline is the most studied pillow system on the planet. In a series of independent studies, MedCline was clinically proven to be significantly more effective than a wedge and was rated twice as comfortable. Learn more

#2: Relief is guaranteed. Try MedCline for two full months and you can return it if you aren’t satisfied. Learn more

#1: You will finally find the relief you need to get the good night’s sleep you deserve!