MedCline has been helping thousands of people, just like you, get the relief they need. The following are some of the most commonly asked questions about MedCline.


  • Can I use my FSA/HSA card to purchase MedCline?

    MedCline does meet the IRS Guidelines to be classified as an FSA/HSA-approved medical expenditure. MedCline can be purchased using your FSA/HSA debit cards directly from this website. FSA/HSA participants who are not issued debit cards may still be able to purchase MedCline through traditional means and submit for reimbursement through established plan procedures. To ensure coverage under your specific plan, we do recommend that you contact your plan administrator prior to purchase.

  • Will my private insurance cover MedCline?

    We have found that less than 1% of private insurance carriers offer coverage benefits for MedCline products (with GERD diagnostic codes). If you would like to try to get coverage from your private health insurance plan, you are certainly free to do so. The process varies by each insurance provider, so we recommend that you start by calling the number on the back of your insurance card. For your information, MedCline is most often successfully billed under code E1399: Durable Medical Equipment, Miscellaneous.  MedCline is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. In many cases, MedCline is covered by VA Medical Benefits.

  • Do VA Benefits cover MedCline ?

    In many cases, MedCline products are covered through VA Medical Benefits. For more information, give us a call at 858-605-1747 or send us an  email at

  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    We offer a payment plan through Klarna Pay Over Time. During Step #4 (Payment), click on the Klarna logo to see the payment options. Then, click Place Order and follow the prompts to complete your order. screen-shot-2017-07-20-at-9.21.39-am.png

  • When will my order ship?

    For delivery estimates, please refer to our shipping map.

  • Do you ship outside the Continental US?

    We offer discounted shipping rates for Hawaii and Alaska so please give us a call to place an order to ship to these states. Please note that Hawaii and Alaska orders are responsible for return shipping costs in addition to the 10% disposal fee for all returns.

    For our customers located in Canada, MedCline products can be purchased directly from Canada Care Medical Group of Companies locations:

    Les entreprises médicales de l’Outaouais
    131, boul. Greber
    Gatineau, QC J8T 3R1
    Toll Free : 800-363-3498
  • Where can I see a MedCline in person?

    If you are in the San Diego area, please drop by our MedCline showroom to try one out for yourself. You can call to make an appointment (800-610-1607) or just drop by. Our address is: 8825 Rehco Road, Suite D. San Diego, CA 92121.

  • Can I get additional cases?

    Absolutely. You can find additional cases for purchase at the bottom of each product details page.


  • How does MedCline work?

    The inclined + left side position created only by MedCline leverages anatomy and gravity for maximum effectiveness. In this advanced position, your lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between your esophagus and stomach, is positioned above the contents of your stomach making refluxing virtually impossible. Should stomach acid escape your LES into your esophagus, gravity will quickly return the refluxed content to your stomach, minimizing symptoms and potential damage to your esophagus.

  • Why is MedCline better than a standard bed wedge?

    MedCline is specifically designed for the treatment of nighttime acid reflux and addresses the many pitfalls of standard wedges and risers. The advanced position created only by MedCline allows you to easily and comfortably sleep in the most effective position for natural reflux relief, the inclined + side sleeping position. If you have tried a wedge or head of bed elevation without much relief, here are some reasons to consider MedCline:

    • Wedges and risers promote back sleeping, which can actually make reflux worse.
    • Wedges do not prevent sliding down.
    • Wedges rarely elevate to an angle high enough for maximum relief.
    • MedCline inclines your entire torso, not just your head and neck, which is necessary for gravity to keep acid in your stomach.
    • MedCline is designed with a unique arm pocket to relieve pressure from your downside arm.
    • Patented design of MedCline holds you in the ideal relief position without sliding down.
    • MedCline is constructed with high quality foams tested to last at least 5 years. 

    In fact, independent studies compared MedCline head-to-head vs. a standard wedge and the results speak for themselves. MedCline was proven to be significantly more effective than a wedge and was rated twice as comfortable. Here are some study highlights:

    • 93% reported a reduction in heartburn 
    • 89% reported a reduction in regurgitation  
    • 87% reduction of acid exposure in the esophagus
    • 95% reported an improvement in overall sleep quality 

  • Which MedCline product is right for me?

    We offer two configurations of our product – the Advanced Positioning Wedge and the Reflux Relief System. The Advanced Positioning Wedge creates the ideal inclined + side sleeping position and the Reflux Relief System adds a therapeutic body pillow that is placed on top of the Advanced Positioning Wedge. The body pillow is useful for those who are not naturally side sleepers, for those who prefer a little extra back support or for those who like sleeping with a body pillow. If you are a restless sleeper, tend to get hot at night, use a CPAP machine, or have pre-existing neck issues, we recommend that the Advanced Positioning Wedge be used with your own head pillow. Additionally, we have found that using the Advanced Positioning Wedge with your own pillow can make the transition to the new sleep position easier. If you have any questions about what solution will be best for you, feel free to give us a call at 800-610-1607.

  • Can MedCline be used on either the left or right side?

    MedCline is designed so that you can sleep on your left or right side. The arm pocket at the top of the Advanced Positioning Wedge is symmetrical. We recommend starting the night on your left side as the left has been clinically proven to be better for natural reflux relief versus your right side or your back. After falling asleep, you are able to turn as you naturally would from side-to-side throughout the night.

  • Can MedCline help my shoulder injury?

    MedCline is specifically designed for the treatment of nighttime acid reflux, so we are confident that our sleep system will provide relief from nighttime reflux symptoms. We have, however, heard from several customers who are finding relief for their shoulder injuries with MedCline as the patented arm pocket of the Advanced Positioning Wedge takes pressure off your downside arm and shoulder. Specifically, we have heard from customers with rotator cuff injuries, arthritic shoulders, bursitis in the shoulder, and general soreness caused by side-sleeping have found great success with MedCline. We have also found that those with tears in the rotator cuff, tears in other shoulder muscles, or nerve impingement are less successful getting comfortable with MedCline. Feel free to read through our reviews on Facebook, Amazon, and each of our product pages as several mention shoulder relief.

  • Can MedCline help my neck injury?

    We do not recommend purchasing MedCline to treat a neck injury. Should you have acid reflux and a neck injury, we recommend using the Advanced Positioning Wedge with your own head pillow as your familiar head pillow probably supports your neck properly for your comfort.

  • Can MedCline help my back injury?

    We do not recommend purchasing MedCline to treat a back injury. Should you have acid reflux and a lower back injury, please be aware that the Advanced Positioning Wedge creates a 15-20 degree bend in the hip/waist area. We have found that those with herniated disks, compounded disks, bulging disks, fused vertebrae, scoliosis, or lumbar damage can have difficulty tolerating the bend or angle that MedCline creates.

  • Can MedCline help my hip injury?

    We do not recommend purchasing MedCline to treat a hip injury. Should you have acid reflux and a hip injury, please be aware that the Advanced Positioning Wedge creates a 15-20 degree bend in the hip/waist area. We have found that those with arthritic hips, bursitis in the hips, or hip injuries can have difficulty tolerating the bend or angle that MedCline creates.

  • Can MedCline help my snoring?

    While all our clinical research surrounds GERD, we have heard from several customers that MedCline does indeed help with snoring. In fact, several of our reviews on Facebook, Amazon, and our product reviews mention this.

  • What is MedCline made of?

    During our four years of product development, we tested and retested hundreds of types of foams, fabrics, and covers in every combination possible to ensure optimal support, effectiveness, and comfort. MedCline is constructed with multiple types of polyurethane foam that are 100% latex-free and 100% hypo-allergenic. The Advanced Positioning Wedge contains a dense core, high-resilience foam for support and durability, as well as conventional foam for additional edge support around the perimeter. There is a comfort layer of memory foam on the top of the angled portion of the Advanced Positioning Wedge. The smaller insert pillow in the Advanced Positioning Wedge as well as the Therapeutic Body Pillow are filled with shredded memory foam for comfort and support. Please note that as with all new foams, there may be a slight smell to our products upon receipt, which will dissipate within 24-48 hours. For those who are more sensitive to smells, we recommend removing the cases, washing them and airing out the foam itself (outside and in the shade, if possible). The pre-installed pillow cases are an 80/20 cotton/poly blend, commonly referred to as velour. All materials used in the construction of MedCline products do not contain flame retardants or other chemicals restricted by California State Law.

  • How big is MedCline?

    MedCline products take up ½ of a queen size bed. The 30” width is necessary for stability, to accommodate the body pillow, and to allow you to easily turn over during the night.


  • When will I start feeling relief?

    Though you may start feeling relief on night one, some customers with more severe symptoms may take a few nights. For those with LPR or “silent reflux”, symptom relief may take up to 4 weeks of consistent use as your body heals. Since adjusting to a new sleep position can take anywhere from a night or two to a couple weeks, we offer a 100 night trial period so you have ample time to determine whether MedCline is going to work for you.

  • What if MedCline doesn’t work for me (return policy)?

    Our MedCline Sleep Specialists are available to help you make the adjustment to sleeping on MedCline. We are able to offer comfort tips that we have learned from our customers over the years. To speak to a Sleep Specialist, call us today at 858-605-1747. If you do not feel that MedCline is the right solution for you, we can go ahead and process your return over the telephone. 

  • Who can I contact with questions?

    When you order your new MedCline, you will have a MedCline Sleep Specialist available to you to answer any questions that you have. On the day that your MedCline is due to arrive, you will receive an email with links to some helpful videos, as well as the contact information for your MedCline Sleep Specialist. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have.