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MedCline is the only Acid Reflux Relief System available on the market today. This patented system is comprised of two components, an Advanced Positioning Wedge and Therapeutic Body Pillow, which work together to comfortably hold you in the ideal sleep position for 100% natural relief. Validated in 5 clinical trials, the inclined, side-sleeping position created only by MedCline is proven to be the most effective position for relieving nighttime heartburn and painful acid reflux symptoms, as well as providing protection from prolonged acid exposure...all while you sleep!

Key features of the MedCline Reflux Reflux Relief System include:

Medical grade, clinically proven system. 5 clinical studies show the position created by MedCline as the most effective for nighttime reflux relief. 87% less acid measured in the esophagus vs a traditional bed wedge. 93% of users reported a reduction in nighttime heartburn. 95% of users reported a better night's sleep. 

Patented side-sleeping + optimal incline technology. Patented Cradle-Loc technology has a dual component system that creates and maintains an optimal inclined + comfortable side sleeping position and prevents you from sliding during the night. This advanced position provides better symptom relief and helps protect against the damaging effects of prolonged esophageal acid exposure by letting gravity do all the work.

The only no-slip, no slide system. What good is an incline if halfway through the night, you've slipped all the way down it? Our unique arm pocket on the top of the Advanced Positioning Wedge prevents you from sliding down at night and gently takes pressure off the downside arm so you can rest easy, all night long.

Let gravity do the work: 100% natural symptom relief. Our system is ingeniously designed to let gravity do the work at relieving your worst acid reflux symptoms, including: acid reflux, heartburn, regurgitation, GERD, choking, sore throat, chronic cough, and more. It works by naturally moving stomach acid down and away from the sensitive parts of the throat & the esophagus so you can get a blissful night's sleep. 

Relief is guaranteed. You can try MedCline for two full months. If MedCline doesn't work for you, simply send it back. We will even send you a prepaid return address label. Simple as that. You will not receive such a guarantee for standard bed wedges or other treatments.

Designed to be a long term solution: Designed with multiple types of polyurethane foams, tested to last at least 5 years, MedCline is designed to last night after night, year after year. All MedCline systems come with a complete set of covers for the Advanced Positioning Wedge and Therapeutic Body Pillow.

For those who want to use their own pillow instead of the Therapeutic Body Pillow, the Advanced Positioning Wedge can be purchased separately. The Wedge alone is recommended for those who prefer their own pillow, are naturally side-sleepers, tend to get hot during the night or are restless sleepers.

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Reviews (107)

Raul S 18th Mar 2017

Excellent pillow system to manage pain

A little bit of a background: I have problems with my neck and right shoulder, managing pain (some compressed vertebrae in my neck). Sometimes I also have to battle reflux. For the last couple of years I haven't been able to sleep on my back because my I start snoring very loudly, so I had to always sleep on my side, which had worsen my shoulder pain. I had spend a lot of money on pillows, trying to find at least a good one. I was also about to invest over $10,000 in an adjustable SleepNumber mattress system. Then, I came across MedCline add and decided to give this pillow a try before getting myself into a $10000 mattress. The first weekend I have the pillow, on the Saturday, I woke up at 10am for the first time in more than 10 years. Usually, pain would wake me up at no later than 7:30am. PROS: 1. Allows me to sleep with my vertebrae fully aligned, so I don't wake up with neck pain anymore. 2. Because of the arm pocket, my shoulder doesn't hurt anymore when I wake up. 3. I can sleep on my back and on my sides with no issue, perfectly aligned. 4. Absolutely no snoring, no matter my sleeping position. 5. In combination with a diet change, this pillow had helped me with reflux. Also, I can breathe better through my nose. CONS: 1. It tends to get warmer than other pillows I had used. 2. Sometimes I develop some pain on my ears, I guess the long pillow press against my ear. 3. It takes a few days to get used to it. In summary, I believe I found a very good pillow in medcline, which is solving significant issues with my sleep. Some may say it is expensive, but I found it a bargain when I compared with a $10,000 mattress system. It had worked so well for me, that I just ordered a second one for my wife. I would not hesitate to buy it again.

Cindy S 16th Mar 2017

Surprised by quality

Yes, this was an expensive product to try - but, I am very satisfied with the quality. I suffer from GERD and have been symptom free during sleep since using the MedCline. There was an adjustment period, of course, but the real surprise is the comfort. Because my GERD has not been well controlled with meds, diet changes, and weight loss - I had given up. But, this product has really given me the confidence to sleep with out the risk of an event. Previous to using the MedCline I was unable to let myself rest free of anxiety - I have had several sleep reflux events that were terrifying, so I am very excited about MedCline.

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