“I wanted to avoid medications at all costs.”

Living a hectic lifestyle, Liz’s late-night eating used to leave her breathless because of the terrible pain in her stomach and chest. When her endoscopy showed that she suffered with acid reflux and irritation of the lining of her stomach, Liz started looking for natural solutions as she wanted to avoid life-long medications. Since MedCline, Liz wakes up refreshed and is able to enjoy her morning coffee (and an occasional glass of wine) again!

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"MedCline was a blessing to us."

When Martin started experiencing acid reflux at night, he and his wife Joyce started searching for natural treatment solutions as Martin did not want to start taking medications. After hearing a radio interview with Dr. Scott Gabbard from Cleveland Clinic about MedCline, he wanted to give MedCline a try because it offered something different from the standard recommendations of elevating the head of the bed or using a standard bed wedge. Considered a blessing by Joyce, Martin’s reflux is now gone and they are both sleeping better!

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"Before MedCline, nothing
had worked."

Lori had suffered with nighttime reflux for 14 years, often waking up choking in the middle of the night. Worried about aspiration pneumonia, she tried multiple PPIs and bed wedges without finding any relief. From night one with MedCline, Lori now sleeps normally at night and has more energy during the day. And, her husband says that her snoring is gone too!

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"Sleeps much better,
plus more energetic."

Edward had suffered with severe heartburn since his early 20s before being diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus a little over two years ago. The pain he experienced at night was extreme and he would often munch on Rolaids® and wrestle with a stack of pillows…all night long. Since MedCline, Edward is sleeping much better and feels more energetic for his long drives as a nighttime truck driver. 

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"Not one incidence of reflux since MedCline."

“The MedCline wedge dual pillow system is amazing! It has a cutout for your arm that puts the rest of your body in the exact right position to sleep very comfortably. The top pillow keeps your chest open and your esophagus aligned so that it is impossible to experience reflux. I have not had one incidence of reflux at night since I started using it two weeks ago. I will say it took two nights for me to find the exact right position because the standard wedge pillow that I was using was lower and didn’t have any way to keep me from sliding down during the night. The design of this one is so smart because they solved that problem. It’s a little pricy but throat cancer, which GERD can lead to, would be a lot more costly in so many ways and this is a great pill-free solution. I haven’t taken any sort of antacid since the third night on the MedCline, which completely amazes me. I’ve had this problem for about ten years now and have been seriously considering prescription medication. I can’t believe something like this pillow system could make such a difference so quickly. FYI the covers zip off for easy cleaning and you don’t get any of that annoying foam smell that I found in a couple of other wedge pillows that were supposedly designed for GERD had.”

Susan O.
Escondido, CA

"Improved quality of sleep."

“The problems I was experiencing within my esophagus were still present even after taking my prescribed medication and making changes to my diet. Once I started using MedCline, it has since helped my symptoms at night and has improved my quality of sleep. I really think that this does the job, laying in that position works really well for me. I almost feel like my symptoms are as reduced as when I am standing up! Using a standard wedge has been somewhat effective on its own, but I really feel the difference while having the additional lateral positioner along with it. It helps me stay put through the night and wake up feeling rested.”

Elizabeth R.
Littleneck, NY

"Peace of mind."

“The MedCline system has been one of the best investments I have made for my health. It was recommended to me by my doctor following an endoscopy. I was having symptoms of daily stomach pain, morning coughing and wheezing and was diagnosed with acid reflux. Despite a healthy diet, I was really having a hard time getting my symptoms under control and was put on a very high dose of acid reflux medication. After starting to use the MedCline system, all of my symptoms disappeared and I was able to reduce my medications by 75%. Now I rely on the MedCline system to prevent and keep my symptoms at bay. I also know how dangerous acid reflux can be over time, and have the peace of mind that I am preventing any additional complications from acid reflux. It’s also so comfortable, I can’t imagine sleeping any other way. I would recommend the MedCline system to anyone who has acid reflux or needs to be elevated during sleep. It’s extremely effective and I am very happy to have found a natural solution to relieve my symptoms.”

Teresa J.
Danville, CA

"Feels better the next day."

“I've suffered from acid reflux for years and after trying many different medicines and trying to prop up normal pillows, I think this inclined pillow system from Medcline has solved the problem. I used to toss and turn and get up several times during the night due to insomnia or going to the bathroom, but since I've been using MedCline, I've been sleeping very well and feel so much better the next day.”

Citrus Heights, CA

"Relief during pregnancy and beyond."

“This product has been a life saver for me! I have had acid reflux problems all of my life and being pregnant has only aggravated my condition. It makes it very difficult for me to sleep and keep food down. This sleep system has not only helped to relieve that, but also helped me with added comfort and support for my pregnant body. I plan to continue using this after I deliver and probably from here on out. I like that it has separate pieces that can be adjusted or used at your liking. I also love the soft fabric and the pillow filling is sturdy enough to support you, but soft enough to conform to your body. My favorite part is the long pillow that can be wedged and snuggled under your head and in front of you and behind you. What a great product! I highly recommend it for all pregnant women and for anyone who has heartburn or acid reflux problems!”

Sandra S.
Salt Lake City, UT

"Nighttime regurgitation eliminated."

“I found the MedCline system at a scleroderma seminar. It literally improved my quality of life! Beforehand there would be several nights I would wake up throwing up because my reflux was so bad even with medications. I would have to sleep in a chair and wouldn't get sleep. When I got my MedCline I have not once woken up in the middle of the night to throw up from the acid reflux. It truly has been amazing! I can't say enough about how effective this system is. Thank you for improving my quality of life. ”


"Medication break-through symptoms eliminated."

“Even when I was taking Ranitidine every day, I was still getting lots of reflux. After using MedCline for three nights my reflux just went away and hasn’t come back.”

Bill C.

"No more reflux with trigger foods."

“I love my MedCline! I’ve only taken Zantac once since I began using it. When I eat foods that I know I shouldn’t, it lets me sleep without any reflux. It seems to be lessening the frequency of my nighttime flare ups as well.”

Amber Y.