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“We love you, MedCline.”

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"MedCline was a blessing to us."

When Martin started experiencing acid reflux at night, he and his wife Joyce started searching for natural treatment solutions as Martin did not want to start taking medications. After hearing a radio interview with Dr. Scott Gabbard from Cleveland Clinic about MedCline, he wanted to give MedCline a try because it offered something different from the standard recommendations of elevating the head of the bed or using a standard bed wedge. Considered a blessing by Joyce, Martin’s reflux is now gone and they are both sleeping better!

"Before MedCline, nothing had worked."

Lori had suffered with nighttime reflux for 14 years, often waking up choking in the middle of the night. Worried about aspiration pneumonia, she tried multiple PPIs and bed wedges without finding any relief. From night one with MedCline, Lori now sleeps normally at night and has more energy during the day. And, her husband says that her snoring is gone too!

Watch Lori’s Story

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"Sleeps much better, plus more energetic."

Edward had suffered with severe heartburn since his early 20s before being diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus a little over two years ago. The pain he experienced at night was extreme and he would often munch on Rolaids® and wrestle with a stack of pillows…all night long. Since MedCline, Edward is sleeping much better and feels more energetic for his long drives as a nighttime truck driver. 


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If you are like so many of our customers, you have tried everything to get relief from nighttime acid reflux and are still suffering. MedCline is truly different.